Who We Are

Alnico Electric is a global quality manufacturer and Exporter Company of heavy-duty electric control panel boards. Since 2012, we have provided engineering solutions. That can be used in power stations, solar roof plants, power distribution, hospitals, and pharma projects. We offer CPRI approved various LT panels, IP 65 certified solar and power factor improvement solutions. 

It comprises a building distribution board, factory panels, and solar junction boxes. We are serving all types of electric panels at the best price in the industry. We are committed to providing timely and quality products and services to our customers.

Alnico-A young entrepreneur started in 2012, starting with 300 sq feet, and now we are at 8000 sq feet. We strongly believe that it doesn’t matter how long experience you have, but it matters the quality of experience you have!

Also, we are no2 in ACDB and Junction board supplier for the solar industry in Gujarat. We are in the top 5 in distribution panel board suppliers in building and infra projects in Gujarat. We are in the top 10 for electrical panel board suppliers in the industrial project in Gujarat.

Why Customer Choose Us


Commitment of Quality

A commitment to quality is a comprehensive concept. We take satisfaction in our sharp quality policy. Our intention to give excellent quality products at a competing market price lets us swiftly progress in the industry.


Design (Heavy duty Panel Board)

We always design electrical panels with heavy duty switch gears our all the switch gears are having long life for large number of operations. Our panel design comes with unique features ensuring user safety, convenience, easy handling, and quick, simple installation.


Technical Competence

We are equipped with modern tools and techniques to stay up to higher quality standards of electrical panels. We have installed all the necessary machines.



Alnico Electric provides comprehensive care for control panels that meet the needs of your customers. Our diverse range of components and complete technical guide give you the ability to deliver quickly and efficiently.

At a glance


Years Of Experience


MW 415Vac ACDB Supplied


MW 800Vac ACDB Supplied


Building & Infra Projects Supplied

A Word From Our Founder

Alnico Electric is established to provide the best service of electric panels in Ahmedabad (Gujarat, India). As we move forward year by year, the company continues to be known as one of the leading manufacturers of electrical control panels globally. We keep developing the electrical and solar industry through efficient and innovative products by regularly improving existing products and quality. We have developed many successful solutions to the concerned places. Our customers and associates are grateful for our success. Alnico believes that innovation is the only continuous means, which encourages us to stay one step ahead and predict possible needs. We aim to present the highest levels of excellence and professionalism.

Alnico Electric is one of the group companies that is a premier electrical panel manufacturer, exporters, and supplier. The electric panels are utilized for industrial prospects and custom-built designs. We will be a powerful and developing company that prefers to perform a niche in the electrical panel manufacturing industry. Presenting a proud victory in the domestic market, we strive to build long-term relationships with customers. Through our ethical business practices and a need to improve ourselves continuously, we are targeting the global market now.

Our Strength

We have 9+ years of experience in the electric panel board industry. We always used and upgraded ourselves with hitech machinery and software. Our panels are always heavy-duty and have a long life.

Our Vision

In business with our vision of definite and stable expansion of a factory and vision to supply the best quality of panels compared to TTA heavy-duty panels at an economical price that every customer can afford.

Our Mission

We – Alnico Electric, believe that innovation is the only continuous, which encourages us to stay one step ahead and predict expected requirements. So our motto is the best design and quality supplier in India.

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